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It Lurks Below First Impressions

GhostInTheWorld[0] posted 1 month ago in /6/games


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I am a long-time ARPG fan, and I have been following David -- the creator of Diablo 1 and 2 – for many years. One of my fondest memories is actually playing Diablo 1 and 2. So, any game that is actually made by a Diablo creator peaks my interest intensely.

I have only seen It Lurks Below on twitch stream(David playing), but I can tell the game has a ton of replayability, and a ton of potential to be addicting. I will list some of my thoughts on the game, and some things I would change to it.

1: Food Consumption. I would remove the required consumption of food from the game. This is only a burdensome feature that creates frustration in the game. It's an ARPG, you should be killing monsters to find epic loot, not worrying about tending to a garden to grow food to keep your vitality, and well being. I would keep the food, and only add it as perks that boosts character stats.

2: When I play ARPG games, I am looking for a particular ratio when interacting with monsters while I am killing them on a level. From what I can tell from the stream this ratio is very low. However, it could be greatly improved by simply allowing the player to access the monsters faster. Maybe allowing the description of the surrounding area? Currently you have to use a pick-axe, and it is dreadfully slow.

3: Death Item Drop. This is another one of those features that is burdensome. I dont really understand this, but essentially you are putting too much frustration on the player. A less intense penalty would be better. Maybe breaking some items to require you to repair(for a hefty price), and/or experience loss.

The game boasts an impressive set of features. If you are looking for a rogue like ARGP with loot and replay-ability, I would check this game out in a heart beat. It is still in beta, but expect a release sooner rather than later.

It Lurks Below - Steam Page

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