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Dragonball super what to come

Kosmosblade[+3] posted 1 month ago in /6/anime


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Hey guys so I'm talking a little bit about Dragon Ball super and coming to the end of the tournament. What I think is going to happen is maybe we're going to see something with the Ginyu Force.
If you took notice in episode 45 and episode 46 where you see the purple goo that's entrapped in the fridge.
It looks like to be a Ginyu Force logo. Does this mean that Ginyu Force had some part in ceiling away the purple goo or are there the actual creators of the goo or maybe the Ginyu Force was a good Force before being taken over by Frieza and his gang of ruling over the universe. Guys view case you don't recall it's the purple goop that takes over shape and form of somebody's soul and ends up killing them in the end. Honestly I'd like to see somebody's comment and thoughts on this actual subject and what we are going to see in the upcoming episodes after the tournament. PS I don't think Goku is going to unlock Ultra Instinct in the end of the tournament.

chris[+8] commented 1 month ago

Why dont Goku and Vegeta just merge? Super Saiyan God Gogeta FTW!

Kosmosblade[+3] commented 1 month ago

They will not do this because they gave us vegetto which is allready cannon gogeta is only a movie buff character never realized in tv series

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