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Site Rules And Information Locked

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Welcome. Please read the following before posting on the site!

* Be respectful of each other.
* Do not spam.
* Do not plagiarize.
* Do not post your personal information unless you understand that now everyone knows it.

BBCode Supported:
The following is supported on our site:
* [b]b[/b]
* [i]i[/i]
* [u]u[/u]
* [img src="" width="600" height="600"][/img] (max width/height of 600)
* [iframe src=""][/iframe] (youtube only)
* [a href=""]6ame.com[/a]

Q: How do I contact the admin?
A: admin@6ame.com

Q: How do I signup?
A: Click Signup located in the upper right corner.

Q: I lost my password, what can I do?
A: If you did not set an email on your profile page, we cant help you.

Q: How do I report a post?
A: Please click the "report" button under a message and explain what the report is about. Admin will see the reports and can act accordingly.


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