Site Rules And Information

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Welcome. Please read the following before posting on the site!

* Be respectful of each other.
* Do not spam.
* Do not plagiarize.
* Do not post your personal information unless you understand that now everyone knows it.

HTML Supported:
The following is supported on our site: a.href, b, i, u, img, iframe(only from youtube).

Q: How do I signup?
A: Simply click the Sign Up button in the top right corner. You must provide your Username, Password, Email Address(Optional), Verification Code, and Agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We do not require you give us your Email address. But we ask that you go into your profile and confirm it.

Q: I lost my password, what can I do?
A: If you did not provide an Email address when creating an account, or add one in later, there is nothing we can do.

Q: What are tags?
A: Tags are how we filter posts. Any post can have any tag. You can start your own tag section if you want too.

Q: How do I know what tags to use for a new topic?
A: While posting a new topic, under the tag section -- it will show suggestions based on what you type in. Otherwise you can start any tag section you want.

Q: How do I manage a tag section?
A: You can subscribe to a tag section, and filter it on the main page.

Q: Who manages the tag sections?
A: We have Admins, Global Moderators, and Tag Moderators. GM's can police all tags, while a TG can only police specific tag sections.

Q: How can I become a GM, or TG?
A: Sending an email to, account, tag section you want to moderate, and the reason why you would be a good fit. It also helps that you have some points!

Q: Why cant I delete my post?
A: Because this would mess delete everyone's comments/points that were associated with your post. You can edit it however.

Q: How do I report a post?
A: Please click the "report" button under a message and explain what the report is about. Admin's, GM's, and TG's can all see reports and can act accordingly.